Quality Control and Laboratory Facilities

MCL has raw material suppliers who supply consistent, uniform product. The strength of cement is probably the most important property that must be tested to comply with specifications. To achieve the desired strength, we carefully control the manufacturing process, which we normally do by using statistical process control. MCL has an up-to-date digitally equipped laboratory to test the cement  in precise conformity according to British Standards. Mix designs are prepared by our trained technicians in the laboratory and are inspected by our plant specialists before the actual production. Quality control charts are thoroughlymaintained by MCPL and by the engineer on site to continually assess the strength of cement. Other properties important for compliance include cement content, water/cement ratio, and workability, and standard test methods. Quality Control Laboratory is also equipped to test raw materials, monitor quality of cement in production and to test the strength of cement cubes/cylinders taken during production and also from the point of delivery.


 BUET Test Report