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Production process of Mir Cement

Raw Material Acquisition:

The main raw materials for cement are clinker (imported from China, Vietnam and Korea), slag (imported from Japan), Gypsum (imported from Thailand, Japan and China), lime Stone and fly ash (procured locally).


Cement Finishing Process:

The final process of cement making is called finish grinding. Clinker dosed with controlled amount of gypsum is fed into a Ball Mill, a horizontal steel tube filled with steel balls. As the tube rotates, the steel balls tumble and crush the clinker into a super-fine powder. The particle size is controlled by a high efficiency air separator. Other additives may be added during the finish grinding process to produce specially formulated cement on client request.


Packing and Loading:

Once the production is complete, the finished Portland cement is transferred using elevators and conveyors to large storage silos. Most of the cement is transported in bag or bulk by truck to dealers and distributors nationwide.