PPC Cement in Bangladesh: Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Every construction project requires cement, and it is of paramount importance to check a few things before making such a purchase. Cement comes in various qualities, grades, and colors, and various categories of cement are used for different construction purposes. When the time comes to make a purchase decision, many questions usually arise. Brand, price, […]

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Importance of Choosing the Right Cement in Bangladesh

Importance of Choosing the Right Cement

Cement is an essential building material. Almost all modern structures require cement in every stage of the construction project. So, customers must be cautious of what kind of cement they purchase for their houses. Building a house is a time-consuming and exhausting process. Usually, it takes years of financial planning and a proper strategy to […]

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How to Choose the Best Cement for Your Construction Work in Bangladsh?

how to choose best quality cement for your construction: MIR Cement

Every individual aspires to use the best quality products to build their homes. They want to make sure their buildings are suited with the most effective components. The building process is a very challenging and strenuous affair that requires attention. Sometimes small decisions can hugely impact the building’s future. After fixing the design aspects of […]

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Cement Industry in Bangladesh: Full Overview

Overview of the Cement Industry in Bangladesh

Cement is an essential construction material used globally, and almost all modern structures require cement. Cement is the second most utilized product globally, falling behind in potable/drinking water. It is produced from processing limestone and other materials in manufacturing plants. Cement is processed further to make concrete, an integral part of stable structures like roads, […]

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How Covid-19 Impacted the Cement Industry Globally and in Bangladesh?

The world economy suffered terribly due to the emergence of Covid-19. The pandemic quickly took over the whole world as it is highly transmissible, disrupting the workflow and closing down workplaces and factories. Governments imposed lockdown protocols to contain the spread of the deadly virus. As a result, workers around the world suddenly had no […]

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Civil Engineering Efficient Methods

Civil Engineering Efficient Methods: Substantiality in the world of construction has been a persistent need in the establishment of resoluteness in the global economy. Much of the world’s most pressing problems are resolved by a methodized approach to civil engineering, as it is a prime contributor in shaping communities and driving growth. Civil engineering which […]

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Modern Construction VS Traditional Construction

Modern Construction VS Traditional Construction: How else would you have sat in an office, travelled distances or to a greater sense, stimulated economic growth if it were not for the construction industry? The construction industry has been playing a catalytic role in economic development since its very foundation. The sector has been in constant evolution […]

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Why should successful urban tree planting matter to engineers?

Trees should be regarded as assets and not as liabilities. Using valuations such as CAVAT [Capital Asset Valuation of Amenity Trees] show that trees increase in asset value throughout their long lives, unlike other elements of urban infrastructure, such as lamp standards, bollards, benches et al which need to be replaced. Furthermore, trees deliver increased […]

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Every Business looks to promote and popularize its works, projects, and other verticals. Construction companies also fall into the same category. Promotions don’t singularly mean augmenting revenue. Promotions show the capability of the company, the quality of their work and also mirror the ‘Best Practices’. Best Practices encompass the company policy, systems, and procedures that […]

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