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Ordinary Portland Cement referred to as OPC, has eminence almost everywhere globally due to its most frequent utilization. The grounds of such notoriety are that it is composed of concrete, mortar, stucco, and most non-specialty grout and is verified to the standard: BDS EN 197-1:2003 CEM-I, 52.5 N.

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Portland Composite Cement which is also familiar by the name of PCC is a commonly used type of cement in Bangladesh. The cement which consists of clinker, slag, PFA, gypsum, and limestone conforms to the standard: BDS EN 197-1:2003 CEM II/AM or BM 42.5N.

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Mir Advanced cement which conforms to the standard: BDS EN 197-1:2003 CEM-II, 42.5 N is ideal for massive concrete works. Its special composition establishes high durability of concrete structure and provides structural integrity.

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Mir Cement Bulker Truck

As part of our objective to deliver construction conveniences for all, we provide bulker carrier service to seamlessly transport the choice of your cement for large construction and corporate projects.

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Strength of mir cement

Standard Quality

Mir Cement Ltd. is an international standard Type 1 Portland Grey Cement manufacturer who meets standards like ASMT, BS, BDS, and ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Quality Production

The cements are manufactured using finest quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology. This allows them to transcend others in the curve in terms of standard and performance.

Strength and Durability

Mir Cement is highly durable, strong and resilient to harsh external forces. This is due to diligence through various tests performed by professional standard testing organizations like BUET and BSTI.

High Workability and Extra Fineness

The workability of Mir Cement is greatly determined by its fineness, its ability to offer high strength with minimum cement content and uncompromising quality.

Reliable Packaging

In addition to the standard formulation of the cements, packaging is a vital aspect for quality control. We ensure accurate weight and reliable packaging through fully integrated and automated packing machines.

Effective Quality Control and Timely Delivery

A primary way Mir Cement Ltd. maintains quality of products is through detailed quality control measures done on a regular basis. Using the latest logistical strategies and advanced equipment, we provide uninterrupted supply to the doorstep of our customers within the least possible time.

After Sales Service

Our customers are an integral part of our organization and in order to assure that they receive utmost satisfaction, we take our customer feedback to the highest priority and strive to provide unparalleled after sales services.