Cement is a highly used commodity in the construction industry. Its price can highly impact almost all construction projects. More than 159 countries and territories manufacture cement, either in integrated cement facilities or via grinding imported clinker. The production of cement requires the accumulation of various raw materials. So, cement’s price is highly dependent on the individual prices of composite raw materials, gas or fuel price, transportation cost, tax laws, labor cost, and many more factors. The global supply chain of cement follows a highly sophisticated web of networks. Any disruption in any part can highly impact other sectors as well. As a result, cement prices fluctuate a lot depending on the current situation of the global market.

Cement Price in Bangladesh (August-2023)

The cement industry in Bangladesh is the world’s 40th largest market. The demand for cement is gradually rising in the country, thanks to numerous mega projects undertaken by the government. Furthermore, the housing industry is also proliferating, and construction work is going at full pace. To meet the demand for cement, many local and international cement manufacturers have entered the Bangladesh cement market. There are various types of cement available in the market. You need to choose the best type of cement that suits your construction requirements financially and functionally. Cement prices in Bangladesh vary depending on the brand and type of cement you intend to purchase. Generally, Ordinary Portland Cement and Portland Pozzolana Cement are used in generic construction projects. Here is a list that contains the price of OPC cement of different brands in Bangladesh as of August 2023.

Cement Brand (50KG Bags)

Price in BDT
Mir Cement 500-550
Holcim Water Protect Cement 600-650
Seven Ring Cement 500-550
Bashundhara Cement 500-550
Supercrete Cement 500-550
Premier Cement 500-550
Holcim Strong Structure Cement 520-600
Shah Cement 500-550
Holcim Shokti 600-650
Akij Cement 500-550
Scan Cement 500-550
Fresh Cement 480-550
N:B: Price data collected from the web The price of PPC cement is usually 10 – 20 BDT lower than the OPC cement of respective brands. Bulk orders of cement may get you a discounted price. Another type of cement, White Cement, is used for decorative purposes and small-scale jointing works, especially in walls to cover cracks. White cement can be purchased between 50 – 80 BDT per kg. However, branded white cement prices up to 150 BDT per kg. mir cement bag Source: Mir Cement Local data indicates that the average 50kg cement bag was sold at 465tk in February 2022. This shows an increase of 10tk from the previous month. The average price reached an all-time high of 568 BDT/Bag in April 2020 and a record low of 190 BDT/Bag in February 1995. The cement price is relatively lower in Bangladesh as it is manufactured here. The Bangladeshi cement industry is growing rapidly, and cement export contributes a significant portion of our GDP. Source: CEIC

Current Situation of The Cement Market in Bangladesh

The country’s cement production has been hit hard by an increase in raw materials prices in the international market. It caused a spike in price by 50 – 60 BDT per bag. Cement manufacturers are in a fix to adjust the prices. Manufacturers fear that the average price of cement bags may exceed 500 BDT in the upcoming months as the raw materials prices and transportation costs are rising. The current war between Russia and Ukraine has seriously affected the international market. It increased the prices of the crude, bunker, other fuels, and individual raw materials. Shipping cost has also increased due to the spike in marine fuel price by 50%. There are many well-renowned cement manufacturers in the country. However, Bangladesh still needs to import primary raw materials like clinker, limestone, slag, fly ash, and gypsum. Around 62 – 92 percent of cement is clinker. The clinker price in the international market shot up from $60 to $75 – $80 per ton. Furthermore, other raw materials like limestone, slag, fly ash, and gypsum have increased by $10 – $12 per ton. Source: The Daily Sun Currently, the covid-19 situation has become a lot better. The pandemic halted a lot of construction work in the country. As the economy is slowly healing, people have resumed their construction projects. It created a greater demand for cement as well. As a result, the cement price has increased due to the heightened demand. The international market is stirred due to different reasons. So, the cement price in Bangladesh is expected to rise in the upcoming months. The cost of manufacturing has increased a lot, and they are raising the price to make up for it. Experts predict that if the war between Russia and Ukraine does not end, the market will be more vulnerable to shocks. The price of raw materials will increase along with fuel cost. It can negatively impact the cement industry in Bangladesh.


You want everything to go perfect while building your dream home. Purchasing good quality cement is one of the most crucial decisions you make in this journey. Good quality cement will ensure your building stands upright for centuries to come. It prevents any unwanted repair work. So, knowing how to check the quality of cement will assist you in making good decisions. After ensuring the quality of cement, verify the price from different suppliers. Generally, you will be required to order bulk quantities of cement for your project. So, even a 5 BDT discount per bag will save you a lot of money to invest elsewhere to beautify your home. It is an excellent practice to vary the cement price from two or three suppliers. As discussed earlier, the price of cement is very volatile. So, the current mentioned cement prices may change due to varying circumstances. You can also save money by preventing cement wastage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do if I need a smaller quantity than 50kg of cement?

Ans: Instead of purchasing a 50kg bag, you can purchase cement locally as you require. However, opened cement might not provide performance similar to sealed bags.

What is the best cement brand in Bangladesh?

Ans: Mir Cement stands out as one of the best cement brands in Bangladesh.

Which country has the cheapest cement?

Ans: The price of cement is currently the cheapest in Turkey.

Which country produces the most cement globally?

Ans: China produces the most cement globally, estimated at around 2.5 billion metric tons in 2021.

Should I purchase the cheapest cement I can find?

Ans: You should always consider quality over price when purchasing cement. 

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