Top 10 Cement Brand in Bangladesh (2023)

Top 10 best Cement Companies in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s history in the cement industry is relatively new compared to other countries’ deep-rooted legacy of construction materials. The first attempt to produce cement dates back to 1941 in “Chattak Cement Factory Ltd.” But after the emergence of Bangladesh, the cement industry was aiming to rise high. In the early 1990s, many cement manufacturers entered […]

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Cement Industry in Bangladesh: Full Overview

Overview of the Cement Industry in Bangladesh

Cement is an essential construction material used globally, and almost all modern structures require cement. Cement is the second most utilized product globally, falling behind in potable/drinking water. It is produced from processing limestone and other materials in manufacturing plants. Cement is processed further to make concrete, an integral part of stable structures like roads, […]

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How Covid-19 Impacted the Cement Industry Globally and in Bangladesh?

The world economy suffered terribly due to the emergence of Covid-19. The pandemic quickly took over the whole world as it is highly transmissible, disrupting the workflow and closing down workplaces and factories. Governments imposed lockdown protocols to contain the spread of the deadly virus. As a result, workers around the world suddenly had no […]

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